3 signs that your partner is not thinking about a serious relationship in the future

All couples want a marriage relationship which is a sign of the seriousness of the relationship in the future. Marriage is a form of commitment to a love relationship that has been established. However, even though the relationship has been for a long time, it does not guarantee that it will reach the level of marriage, you know.

In a long-term relationship, it is natural for women to think if our partner is serious and has the same direction. There are some tips or signs that can be a reference that the couple is not thinking of a serious relationship in the future. Here are 3 signs that your partner is not thinking about a serious relationship in the future:

1. Never talk about marriage

If the relationship has existed for years, but your partner never talks about marriage, you should be careful, you know. It may be that your partner has never thought about being with you for a long time.

If he is serious with you, he will talk about marriage. Always asking about how to move forward is a form of seriousness related to you.

2. Your partner says they are not ready to start a family.

It’s okay when it comes to marriage, your partner says they’re not ready to start a family. You will be able to assess the reasons why you are not ready to have a family.

If the reason is strong, like financial or mental problems, you can talk first and find a way out together. Don’t be selfish either. But if the motive is not strong and tends to be playful, you can rethink your relationship.

3. Never prepare plans for the future

You dream of having a lavish celebrity-style wedding, okay. Luxury weddings also require a lot of funds. If you talk to your partner about it and then your partner ignores the conversation, you need to be careful.

Luxury weddings can be held together, which fits joint finances. But if your partner doesn’t even know what to do in the future, you should think again about your relationship.

You often need to have intense talks or deep conversations with your partner to talk about your future relationship. If it’s not all set, don’t force it. But if your partner is not firm and has plans for the future, you may need to change partners.

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