4 things you can do to change your life

Living a true life, it is necessary to always try to be the best, to be able to develop in a positive direction, and to be able to feel happiness with full calm and happiness. But achieving it is not easy, it is not achieved if one sits idly by, but it takes a strong fight for dreams to come true.

The struggle of life will certainly have various challenges and obstacles, and it is necessary to overcome them in order to face them gracefully. The struggle should not stop despite experiencing various failures, but with failure one should be able to take lessons in order to rise and become better.

It is important to realize that the fight must be able to generate positive changes, so that people can develop and feel successful. So, here are four things you can do to change your life, as adapted by the Instagram account @mind_terbuka.

1. Replace judgment with curiosity

You don’t always want to judge something, let alone look at it from the side. Judging something will mean nothing if there is no will to know something. The evaluation will mean nothing if there is no action. But try to replace the evaluation with an act of wanting to know, because then, of course, there is an effort to get the truth of what is being evaluated, so that one can draw the correct conclusions on various questions about it. On the other hand, there is a feeling that discovering it will certainly lead to additional insights.

2. Stop being silly and start being responsible

It’s okay to make excuses for something, but if that excuse makes you unable to do something, then it’s definitely worth avoiding. Making excuses for a job can indicate that you are not going to do the job. That should be changed by replacing reason with a sense of responsibility. When there is a sense of responsibility for something, there will always be a drive to complete a job according to existing goals and skills. That way, of course, there will be results that can be useful to themselves and to others.

3. Stop trying to please everyone.

It pays to make people feel comfortable with us, but never think that you will please everyone. Of course, there will be people who don’t like you, or even people who always hope to follow their wishes. If you’re stuck trying to please everyone, then you could be wasting your energy and time. Try to introspect your surroundings and see who cares about you, who encourages you to grow, that’s what you should be able to give pleasure to. Not even pleasing people who only make it harder for you to grow.

4. Be honest and dare to stand up for yourself

Honesty will obviously have a positive impact on yourself. Honesty, of course, everyone likes, but in practice it is very difficult. But what you can do to impress yourself is to always try to be the best and try to be honest. In addition, you also need to have the courage to stand up for yourself. For example, daring to get out of unproductive activities or having the courage to do something even if you feel insecure.

Well, those are four things that can be done to change life and hopefully we can apply them in everyday life. Time and the development of the times will continue to flow, therefore it is also important to prepare yourself so that you can continue to change in a positive direction and develop with the flow of the times.

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