Do you know the facts about the following whitewater?

Do you know the facts about the following whitewater?

Water is part of human life. In fact, most of the activities carried out must involve water. Did you know that there are many facts about water that are rarely known or even considered myths?

Launch from hellosehat.comHowever, there are still many misconceptions about the benefits and harms of pure water. Here is the description.

Drinking a lot of water does not soften the skin.

Masks (Unsplash/MatthewTkocz)
Masks (Unsplash/Matthew Tkocz)

In fact, the amount of water we drink every day has little effect on skin conditions. Basically, the skin’s moisture level is determined by how well we keep it clean. In addition, if we consume less water, the epidermis layer will lose elasticity and become rough, but so far no study has been carried out that has shown a direct effect between the amount of water consumed and the smoothness of the skin.

However, when you are dehydrated, drinking water can help prevent dry skin,

It is not necessary to drink up to 8 glasses a day.

8 glasses of water (
8 glasses of water (

The phrase “satisfy your water needs by drinking 8 glasses of water a day” is not for everyone. Many factors must be considered in determining how much water to drink, such as activity, environment, and health conditions.

Recommended by Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, a woman needs 2.6 liters of water (8 glasses) and a man needs 3.7 liters (12 glasses) of water per day.

Drinking water can lose weight

Meter (Unsplash/SioraPhotography)
Meter (Unsplash/SioraPhotography)

Water can fill it up because it flows quickly into the stomach, making the stomach dimmer. Also, 100% calorie-free water can help your body burn more calories.

The more hydrated a person’s body is, the easier it is for their digestive system to work and move to remove metabolic waste.

Fluoride in bottled water is harmless

Bottled water (Unsplash/charlesdeluvio)
Bottled water (Unsplash/charlesdeluvio)

Fluoride is one of the natural minerals needed to maintain healthy bones and teeth. The fluoride content in bottled water can help prevent the formation of cavities and tartar.

The 2019 Ministry of Health Regulations state that the fluoride requirement for adult men is 4 milligrams per day, while for adult women it is 3 milligrams per day.

Fluoride will be dangerous if consumed in excess.

Those are some facts about the water that there are still many misunderstandings.

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