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homes for rent

Are you ready to expand to a bigger home, but you aren’t quite ready to start paying for one? Many people like to find homes for rent because they aren’t yet ready for the commitment to a location, but they would like the space of a house. Renting a home is great for when you know the place you are living is going to be temporary, or when you need a trial run on what it’s like to live in a home.

Ann Lenoir can point you in the right direction on what you need to do to properly rent a home. She can point you to single owner renters or homes that are run by home rental companies. She also can help you find a home that is not only worth renting, but one that you are comfortable in.

Don’t be afraid of renting a home. It’s a great way to test out the home buying experience and gives you plenty of space. If you’re in the market to find available homes for rent, then feel free to give Ann Lenior a call today.

Whether you are renting a home or an apartment there are some great benefits to both. They include:


If you aren’t looking to commit to something right away then renting is a great option, because it allows you to stay flexible and only commit to an area for however long the lease you sign states. Many people who invest in renting do so because they are currently downsizing or looking wait until they can move to where they actually want to live. Once the lease ends, then the renters can decide whether they would like to renew or find somewhere else to rent or purchase a new home.

This is also very beneficial for companies who transfer their employees to branches located in different states frequently. If you are an employee who only plans on being located temporarily at a different branch, you don’t have to purchase a new home only to have to sell it once your company sends you back to your permanent branch. Once again providing the option of living at a home instead of an apartment while renting. In turn, offering flexibility for the tenants.

Less Commitment

At Ann Lenoir Real Estate she can help you find the perfect place to live in for this kind of temporary living space, or maybe you just enjoy renting and don’t want to own where you live. That works out perfectly okay too. The goal here is to find a place that you can call home whether that is temporary or long term. Purchasing a new home is a huge investment and not everyone wants to go through that process. 

Renting a home provides the tenant with the ability to live in a home instead of having to live in an apartment building. This allows for more privacy and convenience. As the tenant will have more storage room and could potentially eliminate the need of bringing groceries up the stairs if living in a second-story apartment, they get the benefits of owning a home without the commitment.

Cheaper In The Short Term

Renters always get the benefit of not having to own anything. If something breaks? That’s up to the landlord to fix. While this does limit what you can do with your living space it’s nice to not have to worry about how you are going to afford to repair everything around you, or keep the area around your home clean, or deal with a homeowners association. All that is a problem for the landlord and not you. Don’t worry about pulling out of your savings account for the repairs, like you would when owning a home. Get the benefits of having your landscaping and regular home maintenance taken care of like you would when renting an apartment, all while being in a home.  

Test Area

Most people would not be interested in purchasing a home before they get to know the location. As there are not many ways, other than living at a place for a while, to really know what to expect from your surroundings, renting a home in the area you are considering is extremely beneficial. While word of mouth or even public forums, might seem helpful when making a decision about the area you would like to live in, the information you are given could be biased or no longer accurate.

Make note of the noise level, the busyness of the local streets, and stores located nearby, easily when renting a home there. Then determine whether you really would enjoy purchasing a home there, instead of having to base it off your initial visit.

Ann Lenoir Homes For Rent

At Ann Lenoir Real Estate, you can count on Ann to find you your perfect home for rent. As she has years of experience in the Brevard County area, she will be able to take your list of needs and essentials you require in a home and find one in your ideal location. Take advantage of renting a home before purchasing. As you test the location, you will be able to make an informed decision on whether that is the ideal location for you. Once your lease is up and you feel well versed in the location you rented, Ann Lenoir can also guide you to your dream home when ready to make a purchase.  

Check out some of her active listings of homes for rent.

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Are you ready to start renting? Give Ann Lenoir a call at 321-408-0350 or email her at You can also use her online contact form. Tell her you have an idea of a location to rent that you want to look at and she’ll have you shopping in no time. 

Whether renting is temporary or permanent there is always somewhere for you to live. Start searching for your next home today.