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homes for sale

Looking for your dream home in beautiful Brevard County? If you are in need of a realtor to look for homes for sale, then Ann Lenoir is for you. With years of experience traveling around the world, Ann Lenoir understands what makes a home beautiful. She also knows that many are still in search of their dream home, but are in need of a place to stay until they can find it. Ann Lenoir can also find you homes, condos, or apartments for rent.

Seeking out a home is an extremely important moment in your life. Even if it’s just a place to rent, you want somewhere that is going to be comfortable. A place you can relax in and feel, well, at home. This is where you are going to be spending the majority of your time and for some of you the majority of your life. 

If you are in need of a place that you are going to love then Ann Lenoir can help you find it. 

One of the best parts of living in Brevard County is an incredible location. There’s plenty to do such as:


It is just an indisputable fact that living by the beach is one of the best experiences you can have. That is absolutely an option here in Brevard County and Ann Lenoir knows all the best places to live. Waking up to the sounds of the waves rolling in, and the sun rising over the horizon will automatically give you a new perspective for the day. Having the opportunity to walk across the street and feel the sand in between your toes after a long day of work, is as good of a de-stressor as a good massage. Take a swim in the water and get your exercise in for the day. Bring your family for a day of fun for everyone as the sun glistens over the tides. If you’re ready to experience the beach lifestyle, contact Ann Lenoir and she will guide you to the perfect location to have you forgetting all your worries.


On the other hand, if the beach lifestyle is too relaxed for you and you would like to be near other points of interest, she can guide you towards homes near your preferred interests. She can get you near malls, restaurants, or arts districts. Having the mall near your home is desirable for those who enjoy a leisurely stroll through the mall or those who enjoy shopping in person rather than online. Easily take advantage of buying at a physical store instead of paying for shipping costs or having to drive 20 miles for the nearest mall when living just minutes away!


A multitude of restaurants near your new home will allow the entire family to be satisfied. Even your pickiest eater will find a restaurant to choose from when you have unlimited options to choose from just five minutes away from your new home. If you find yourself leaving work late with no time to make dinner, you can easily pick up some take-out on the way home. Restaurants located near your home can also be advantageous when your teen begins searching for a job. Your teen would be only a few minutes away if they land a job at one of your favorite restaurants and could possibly even offer you family discounts. If that is something that interests you, Ann Lenoir can guide you towards current homes for sale that are located near restaurants.

Art Districts

If you’re an art fanatic, living near the art districts might be an alluring choice. With the different art festivals available throughout the year, living in the heart of the art district is sure to get your own artistic juices flowing. Network with similar artists and join the local art community. Even if you aren’t the most artistic person yourself, you can find paintings, unique pieces of furniture, and more to decorate and create your new home’s style at any of the festivals.

Outdoor Activities

Do you prefer to get outdoors and see the sights? Then Brevard County is the place for you. There is so much of that in the area that you will never get bored with hiking trails, a vibrant community of runners and races all year long. Do you prefer to get outdoors and see the sights? Then Brevard County is the place for you. There are so many natural sights in the area that you will never get bored.

Brevard County features plenty of hiking trails for you and your family to see native species as you get some exercise. If you are an avid runner, there is a vibrant community of runners and races that take place all year long. As Brevard County is not only along the coast where you are near the beach, but also has the Banana River and Indian River running through, water activities are also very popular. Bring your kayaks and experience the bioluminescence during a nightly river run. Or take your boat out and spend an exciting day fishing for snappers, black drum, redfish, and more.

Ann Lenoir Homes For Sale

Ann Lenior can help you find a home no matter your desires. Want a home that you can spend the rest of your life in? Then she will point you in the right direction, or maybe the home you seek is more of a fixer-upper. She can help you find a place like that as well. Are you newly married and looking for your first home? There’s a place for you too. Ann Lenoir knows the area better than anyone and she can place you in the perfect home for you.

When you come to Ann Lenoir you just need an idea of the kind of home you want and a price point. She can take it from there and lead you to the home of your dreams.

Check out some of her active listings of homes for sale.

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Life is too short to not enjoy more of it. Embrace the fun of life and live on the beach.