Meeting Hasan Basry, Commander of the Army Lieutenant Colonel in the Mangkurat Helmet Division

Many Indonesians do not know the name of Brigadier General Hasan Basry as a national hero. However, in the military world his name will continue to be remembered as a brave military fighter in the struggle for the sovereignty of the Indonesian nation.

Hasan Basry was born on June 17, 1923 in Kandangan, South Kalimantan. Hasan Basry successfully completed his basic education at Hollands Inlandsche School (HIS). He then continued his Islam-based education at Tsanawiyah al-Wathaniyah in Kandangan. After that, he continued at Pondok Modern Islamic Kweekschool in Ponorogo, East Java, as quoted in the book “The Nation’s Forgotten Heroes” by Johan Prasetya.

Therefore, the environment and atmosphere of East Java, rich in fighting spirit, inspired Hasan Basry to participate in the fight to protect Indonesia from colonialism. So it is not surprising that after the proclamation, Hasan Basry was active in the Kalimantan youth organization based in Surabaya.

On November 15, 1946, Lieutenant Asli Zuchri and young Lieutenant M. Mursid sent Hasan Basry to establish a battalion of Army Division IV in South Kalimantan. Therefore, Hasan Basry made Benteng Indonesia a battalion of Army Division IV based in Haruyan.

Hasan Basry and the ALRI Division IV battalion’s fighting against the Dutch was briefly halted by the Linggarjati Agreement which was signed on March 25, 1947. The de facto Linggarjati Agreement only included Java, Sumatra and Madura. This means that the military forces of other cities must be taken and transferred to Java.

After refusing to join the Indonesian military father, Hasan Basry won his fight against the Dutch. So on May 17, 1949, Hasan Basry managed to bring the Netherlands to its knees. Since then, May 17 is known as the day of South Kalimantan’s victory over the Dutch. Four months later, negotiations were held between Division IV of the Navy with the Netherlands and various UNCI representatives as mediators.

In the negotiations, Major General Suharjo, representing Indonesia, recognized Navy Division IV(A) as part of the Indonesian armed forces, and Hasan Basry was appointed Lieutenant Colonel (Lieutenant Colonel). Until 1949, the ALRI(A) Division was amalgamated with the Lambung Mangkurat Division of the TNI Army, with Hasan Basry’s post as Lt. Col. Commander.

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