Private palace where Queen Elizabeth II died

Balmoral Castle is the residence of members of the Scottish royal family and is the last place where Queen Elizabeth II, holder of the British throne, breathed her last. Queen Elizabeth II herself passed away on Thursday (8/9/2022) at the age of 96.

In addition to being a royal leader, Queen Elizabeth II is also a constitutional monarchy queen of 16 countries, president of the 54 Commonwealth countries, and also serves as supreme governor of the United Kingdom. She has held the British throne from 1952 until her last day on earth.

Here are 5 facts about Balmoral Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last.

1. Located far from Buckingham Palace

Balmoral Castle is quite a distance from Bunckingham Palace. It can be estimated that the distance to be covered is about 500 miles or 9 hours of travel.

Also, this castle is located near the River Dee, which is not far from Mount Lochnagar, precisely in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

2. It has fantastic facilities

Covering an area of ​​20,000 hectares, Balmoral Castle is surrounded by green grass and lush trees.

Also, in this castle there is a tower, 52 rooms, giant chandeliers and many more displays on the walls with a luxurious feel typical of royalty.

3. Purchased since 1853

Balmoral Castle was initially leased by the British Empire in 1848, but was eventually purchased in 1853.

At that time, Prince Albert bought the castle for his wife, Queen Victoria. After 6 years of ownership of the castle by Prince Albert, they also gave Balmoral Castle to Queen Elizabeth II.

4. Lots of renovations

The castle that Prince Albert bought was not the current Balmoral Castle that it seemed. Feeling that the castle they purchased was too small for the royal family, Prince Albert eventually had the castle renovated.

For the design of the castle, Prince Albert also participated in it. In 1856, the original castle was demolished after the castle renovation project by John and William Smith was completed.

5. The favorite place of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II often visited Balmoral Castle even up to 3 months. This is natural because in this place there are many memories that Queen Elizabeth II has, one of which is the story of romance between the Queen of the British Empire and her husband, Prince Philip.

Well, those were 5 facts about Queen Elizabeth II’s Balmoral Castle. Would you like to try visiting it?

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