Selling Your Home

There comes a time in life where it’s time to sell your home. Whether it was the first house you ever bought and you have finally outgrown it, or the kids have moved away and it’s time to downsize into something more reasonable than what you’re currently paying. 

Whatever the reason you know it’s time to sell your home and you need a real estate agent that is going to fight to get you the most value from it. Obviously you want to sell it for the highest value and buy a home at the lowest, but not every real estate agent is capable of pulling something like that off.

Ann Lenior is. At Ann Lenior Real Estate she will fight to ensure that you are receiving what you deserve from your home. To do that though she’ll need some help on your end to ensure that your house is ready for sale.

Ann Lenior can only do so much to sell a house. The house needs to be presentable and appealing to any buyers. Some home selling tips are to:

  • De-clutter
  • Keep it clean
  • Show off valuable assets
  • Keep it appealing

Think about what you might look for when you’re buying a home. When shopping around you’re going to want a home that you can picture yourself in. This is why it’s generally a good idea to remove any clutter. Consider putting items that you really want to keep in storage to help with this process. Sell anything that you are okay living without. Allow any potential buyers to pictures themselves in the home. 

You can improve your chances of selling the home even more by always keeping it clean and presentable at all times. This seems like a given, but I could contact you at any moment with a prospective buyer for your home. You need it always ready to be shown off so don’t let it ever get too dirty. Try to clean as you go along. 

Along with this if you have any items that really raise the value of your home, such as new carpeting or a pool then find a way to show off that asset. Make it clear that they are getting a home that is already ready to be lived in, but doesn’t feel like it has been lived in. 

If you are ready to sell your home but are still undecided on a real estate agent then contact Ann Lenior today. She will give you the best advice on how to make your home stand out from the rest. From that point on it will be her showing why prospective buyers need it and it won’t be too long before you have officially sold it.

Ready to sell? Call Ann Lenoir today at 321-408-0350 or use her online contact form.

When you are selling a house that typically means you are also looking to buy a home as well. At Ann Lenior Real Estate we can help you find your dream home while also seeking out a way to sell your current one. Unsure if you should sell your house? There are many amazing benefits to selling a home that you might not be aware of.

Selling a home can earn you money

Many people sell a home because they’re buying another one. Even more people sell a home so they can move into a bigger one. This is a great way to use the money from selling a house. Taking that money and using it on some of the expenses likely coming your way from closing costs and first mortgage payments is a very smart use of your money, but what if you’re not moving into a bigger house?

If you’re just changing locations to a similar home, or even downsizing, then there is a chance to earn money from selling your home. Do you have student loans that you really want to pay off? If you sell your home at the right time and make your next steps correctly you could be left with enough leftover money from the home selling to do exactly that.

Take advantage of selling your home. It can be so much more than moving. At Ann Lenior Real Estate we’re always looking to get our clients the best deal we can and this is one of the ways we do just that.