Townhomes For Sale

Townhomes For Sale in Brevard County FL

Are you interested in available townhomes for sale in Melbourne, Florida? Are you seeking for a way to embrace a home, but not have to commit to a full-size home? Maybe you don’t take up a lot of space, but you want something a little more like a house than a condo? If that’s the case then a townhome may be perfect for you.

Townhomes are like the perfect middle ground between a condo and a house. You get a yard, grass, a driveway, maybe even a garage, but it’s usually fairly small. Maybe larger than a condo but not by too much. Townhomes are great for people that are downsizing, upsizing, or raising your credit through homeownership.

So you may be wondering to yourself if buying a townhome is right for you, or if there are better options than a townhome. Well, Ann Lenoir is here to answer any questions you may have while giving you the pros and cons of owning a townhome.

Don’t want to own? Renting is always an option as well. Townhomes are sometimes available for rent in certain locations. Contact Ann Lenoir today and she can give you more info on what is available to you.

Buying a Townhome

If you are in the market for available townhomes for sale and looking to buy then you need to be aware of not only the pros of a townhome, but the cons of one as well. This is a big purchase and you need to make sure it’s right for you. If you decide that a townhome isn’t what you want then that is fine because there are plenty of homes and condos to rent or buy.

Pros of Purchasing a Townhouse

  • Less Yardwork
  • Amenities and/or Utilities
  • Location
  • Credit Benefits

Cons of Buying A Townhouse

  • Less Privacy
  • Resale Value
  • Size
  • Your Own Maintenance

When you are purchasing townhomes for sale, you are in many ways purchasing a house or condo. This means that it is yours and you can do just about anything you want with it. Do you want to paint your walls blue, hang a painting with nails in the wall, and mount your TV? Go for it because this is your townhome.


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Of course, while your area of the townhome is yours, typically in townhome communities the yard and surrounding area are handled by the homeowners association in some way. This can be great because you don’t need to worry about keeping the yard up to standards. No need to own a lawnmower in a townhome.


The downside of this however is that you are sharing your yard with another townhome owner/renter. This is one of the largest downsides to a townhome and it’s the lack of privacy. From the single wall separating you from your neighbor to the yard you share. Everything can feel very close and for some people, this is too close. A townhome can be great, but beware that there is very little space separating you from others.


Buying is still owning

While a lot of owning a townhome can feel limited you still own your townhome when you buy it. This means that you have a mortgage payment and as you make these payments your townhome will accrue your credit. For many townhome owners, this is worth the investment because with every payment you are making on your townhome it becomes more of your own place. Then when it comes time to move out you just need to find a bidder and sell it yourself.

Sometimes townhome owners do struggle to get great resale value on a townhome, so do not expect to buy one and then flip it for a profit later, but you should be able to get equal value on it. This is why many people treat townhomes as more of a temporary living situation instead of a permanent place. You will find many townhome owners are either in the process of downsizing or transitioning from renting to buying for the first time.

Townhomes make great first-time buyer properties because they are typically in great locations near places like golf courses or malls. Areas with good value for your home that first-time buyers are seeking.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that all townhomes are based in these places. In Melbourne especially you can find them in suburbs if you are looking for more of a neighborhood experience in your home purchase.


When you speak with Ann Lenoir she should be able to give you the perfect area you desire. Just have one in mind and she’ll point you in a direction.


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