Wonoland, from Dutch houses to educational tours in Wonosobo

Wonosobo Land, also known as Wonoland, is one of the education-based tourist destinations that is always packed with tourists. Wonoland is located at Jl. North Ring, Binangun, Sojopuro, Kec. Mojotengah, Wonosobo Regency. From the heart of Wonosobo, there are only 6 km that can be reached in 15 minutes, either by four-wheeler or two-wheeler.

Enjoy Dutch architecture

Do you want to feel the atmosphere of the Netherlands? Tourists must visit Wonoland considering that the administration features Dutch-style architecture. Like a movie set, it features a Land of Windmills-like environment that is highly detailed, from the traditional houses to the supporting decorations. However, it is incomplete if the tourists do not wear Dutch noni-style clothes that tourists can rent.

Bringing Educational Tour

Wonoland is very suitable as a family tourist destination as it offers good educational tours to hone children’s motor sensors and creativity. The educational tour is carefully packaged and includes horseback riding, playing with rabbits, and swimming.

Various interesting attractions

Not only does it offer educational tours, Wonoland also offers entertainment tours with various games that tourists can ride, including mini roller coasters, carousel, safari, wave, helicopter, kora-kora, and ontang-anting.

aesthetic flower garden

A spacious, well-organized and well-maintained flower garden can be used as a very aesthetic selfie spot. There are about 30 kinds of flowers in Wonoland, including chrysanthemums, sunflowers, paper flowers, and others. When in full bloom, this flower garden will be decorated with a variety of very beautiful colored flowers.


In order to enter and enjoy the Wonoland tourist attraction, tourists need to spend Rs 20,000 per person, but this fee does not include the cost of Japanese/Dutch style clothing rental and attractions.

operative hour

For tourists who plan to visit Wonoland, it is necessary to pay attention to the opening hours so that they do not experience obstacles when traveling, Wonoland is open every Monday to Sunday, from 08:30-16:00 WIB.

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